Handing & Painting Finish Fiber Cement Sheet

Fiber Cement Board Storage


  • Store Fiber cement sheets neatly on a flat surface supported evenly with bearers spaced at 600mm centres maximum, clear of the ground to avoid damage and moisture ingress.
  • Store under cover and ensure sheets are dry prior to fixing. Never install damp sheets. Damp Sheets must be allowed to dry


Fiber Cement Board Handing


  • Always ensure at least 2 persons are lifting the board at the same time in an upright position.
  • Do not hold on each end on edge.
  • Exercise care when handling fiber cement board to avoid damaging the corner.



Fiber Cement Board Painting Finish


In order to achieve excellent aesthetic finishing, it is recommended to use 100% water-based quality Acrylic Paints. Generally a minimum of 2 coats is required. There is no need to apply Primers or Sealers. Please refer to paint manufacturer’s install cases



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