Fireproof Mgo Perlite Board for Door Core

Name: Mgo Perlite board For Door Core

Mgo perlite board firpoof door core

Mgo Perlite Board Technicial data:

Density: 300-360g/cm3

Temperature rise rate: ≤0.25%

Bending Strength: ≥8Mpa

Max Fire Resistance: 0.6-2h;0.8-2h

Compression Strength: 0.35-0.8Mpa

Burning Temperature: >1000℃

Thermal Conductivity: ≤0.035-0.046W/(m.k)

Acoustic absorptivity: 0.03-0.8

Water Content: ≤10%

Mgo Perlite Board Dimension:



We can produce the size according to customer’s request.


1) Light weight, fire retardant and self-extinguishing, thermal insulation, soundproof and sound absorption, mould proofing, damp proof, waterproof, shockproof, color weatherproof
2) Non-corrosive, alkali and acid resistance; non-toxic and chemical resistant
3) Tough, rigid with high impact strength; long performance life
4) Non-warping and stain proof
5) Easy to clean and maintain
6) You can perform with wood and metal processing tools: cutting / sawing / shearing / punching / drilling /nailing / milling / riveting / screwing / planning welding / painting / printing / photo mounting / laying / embossing /engraving / cleaning
7) Can be processed in heat-forming, heat bending and heat folding.
8) Can work as the substitution of wood


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