Fireproof door core

Fireproof door core include Mgo Door Core and Perlite Door Core.
Fireproof door core is a new generation of fireproof filling material and sort of natural and environmental product, and it reaches fireproof Grade A1 according to National Fireproof New Standard combining application with steel or wooden door.

Fireproof Door CORE


  • Size: 2050mm * 850mm 2050mm * 900mm
  • Thickness: 30-70mm
  • Special sizes available upon requests


A, Characteristic of  Mgo honeycomb door core for making fireproof door

B, Scientific prescription, real green and environmental material
C, 100% No asbestos contained
D, Antisepsis, mothproof, ant-proof
E, Perdurable and great duration of life

  • Heat conductivity coefficient: ≤0.055W/ (m.k)
  • Compressive strength: ≥0.50MPa
  • Strength of extension: ≥0.10MPa
  • Drying shrinkage value: ≤0.80mm/m
  • Frost resistance (15 circulations): quality loss rate: ≤5.0%
  • Loss rate of compressive strength: ≤20%
  • Combustion performance: A1


  • Superior fireproof performance
    ●Light weight
    ●Low thermal conductivity
    ●Sound insulation
    ●Heat insulation
    ●Environmental protection, non-poisonous, zero radioactivity

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