120 Minutes Fireproof High Temperature Board In Ventilation Ducting

Fiber Cement Board for Pizaa Oven

Product Feature1.100% asbestos free

2.A1 class High fire rating:4 hours

3.High fireproof temperature:up to 1200℃

4.Fireproof material:pure quartz,quit lime,portland cement, cellulose,mineral additives

5.Low density:≤0.95g/cm3

6.Easy to install & fix

7.Excellent impact resistant



Thickness Width Length
9,12,15,18,20,24mm 1220mm 2440,3050mm
REMARK: We can also supply other specification as the client’s specially requirement

2.Physical properties

The following data are the average tested figures during manufacturing

Item Index Unit
Density ≤0.95 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity ≤0.20 W/(m·k)
Water Contain ≤10 %
Moisture Movement ≤0.25 %
Non-combustibility GB 8624 Class A, BS 476 /
Bending Strength Oven dry Cross ≥7.0 Mpa
Parallel ≥5.0

The purpose of Calcium Silicate Boards for higher performance of fire rating application for

glass curtain wall fire protectionbuilding structure protection

indoor partition and ceiling

ventilation ducting

smoke ducting

smoke curtain


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