Fireproof Calcium Silicate Board for Kitchen and Laundry

To ensure the safety of your home, particularly behind a gas cooktop, calcium silicate board is very suitable for the application. Calcium silicate board is cement sheeting that has been designed specifically to provide a heat resistant barrier to protect any combustible surface such as wall studs in case of fire.

Standard size:

Why use calcium silicate board?

Calcium silicate board must be fireproof which meaning that it is easy to handle, can be fixed to a variety of stud widths and suits a number of different cooktops.

How to the calcium silicate board installed?

To install the calcium silicate board, cut out a cavity in the plasterboard directly behind the cooktop. The gap between the calcium silicate board and the surrounding substrate can be a maximum of 1-2mm on each side. Fix the calcium silicate board to the studs using appropriate screws.


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