Fire Resistant Board 12mm

Fire Resistant Board  are produced of silicate, oxide of magnesium and other additives, and have a special covering of glass-net on both sides called Magnesium Oxide Board or Mgo board.

Magnesium Oxide Board ce certificate mgo board_副本

Fire-fighting panels are used in the following cases:

  • For fire protection of metal constructions;
  • For fire protection of steel columns and beams;
  • Fire-resistant cable ducts;
  • Fire-resistant vent duct;
  • Air drains;
  • Fire-prevention walls;
  • Fire-resistant structures of mines;
  • Fire protection coatings;

Board thickness: 12 mm, Density: approximately 900-1000 kg/m3

Standard sizes (Width x Length): 1220 mm x 2300 mm


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