Fibre cement siding weatherboards VS Timber weatherboards

Fibre cement products are often touted as “more durable” alternatives to natural timber

-Fibre cement siding weatherboards

One of the major drawbacks of fibre cement weatherboard is the finish quality. Unlike natural timber that can be machined to a perfect finish, fibre cement weatherboards typically exhibit a less than smooth finish. The slightly uneven surface of fibre cement cladding catches the light, effectively cheapening a paint finish façade

Builders generally detest working with fibre cement weatherboards, it is heavy and hard and dusty to cut. One advantage fibre cement products continue to hold is fire retardancy as they are generally non combustible.

  • Can be coated with darker colours
  • Fire retardant
  • Acceptable durability

-Timber weatherboards

  • Premium finish
  • Light weight
  • Acceptable durability
  • Low carbon footprint

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