Fibre-cement facade boards are a Finnish product made of clean and harmless materials. Which are asbestos-free and do not contain any other harmful ingredients. The boards were designed on the assumption of being resistant to the severe northern weather conditions: big changes in temperature and frequent changes in humidity.
Typical places for using fibre-cement boards are: ventilated facade facings of both new buildings and those under renovation, filling of balcony railings, base course and chimney facing, inserts placed between windows, roof padding, etc. fibre-cement boards can be used without finishing the surface, or can be painted at the construction site, e.g. with acrylic, silicone, silicone-acrylic paints, or covered with a light acrylic plaster.


Density: 1.6-1.65g/cm3

Standard Size: 1220x2440mm or 1200x2400mm

Thickness: 6-20mm


Color: We can make any color according to customer’s request


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