Fibre Cement Board Heavy Duty Square Edge 9mmx2700x1200

A great substitute to gypsum board in certain applications due to its moisture resistance, quality and superior strength. Fiber Cement Board’s are highly suitable and recommended for high moisture areas including, bathrooms and kitchens as well as drywalls in service areas such as corridors, car parks, hospitality kitchens and control rooms where a high level of impact resistance is required. The superior thermal insulation properties of these boards make them ideal for extreme climatic conditions.  Also suitable for use in steel frame applications including walls and floors.

2700x1200x9mm fiber cement board

Product Information:

Thickness: 9mm

Length: 2700

Width: 1200

Colour / Edge Detail: Square Edge

Technical Information:

Material Description: Heavy Duty FC Board

RH Value: 100%

Fire Classification: Non-combustible

R-Value: 0.063m² K/W

Density: >1230kg/m³




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