Fiber cement backer board

fiber board cement backer board

Fiber cement board is mainly made from cement ,quartz sand and reforcing fiber through the process of slurrying,

forming,high pressure steam curing, drying, surfacing and so on.It has the following features.

 1.Description of fiber cement board

1)Sizes: 1200*2400,1220*2440

2)Thickness: 5-22mm other sizes can be available as you ordered

3)Color: gray, dark gray

   4) Edge: square or bevelled

5) Packing: pallets and others

2.features of fiber cement board:

1) Incombustibility: It can not burn and give off toxic smoke.

2) Heat insulation: Low heat conductivity, good thermal insulation.

3) Waterproof: It can keep its shape without swelling and deformation after a long time.

4) Sound proof: Reduce indoor noise.

5) Environmental protection: Its special characters make more comfortable environment.

6) High Strength: High-stength and impact-resistant make it is not easy to be damaged.

7) Durability: insulation against bugs, fungus and corrosion,so it can last for a long time.

8) Easy installation: Painting, tiling and nailing can be feasible in the new system.

3. Technical Data of fiber cement board

Fireproofing features: Incombustible A-class material (GB8624-1997)

Refractory High-point: 4.0 hours (GB/T9978-1999)

Bulk density: 1.3-1.5 g/cm3

Moisture content: <10%

Sound insulation: 45db (GBJ75-84)

Wet-inflation rate: <0.17% ()

Shrinkage rate: <0.08% (GB/T7019-1997)

Radioactivity: In line with the standard, A-class product, no pollution in production, marketing and application (GB6566-2000)

Pull-out strength of screw: ≥95.4N/mm

Flexural strength: ≥14Mpa

4.Applications of fiber cement board:

Interior and Exterior wall partition, suspended ceiling,fireproof board.Also can be used for: Commercial and industrial construction,residential buidling, movie theaters, exhibition halls, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, train station or MRT stations and so on.


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