Fiber cement ventilated façade

Fiber Cement Facades should be durable, regardless of any conditions. Fiber cement boards comply with this requirement: we’ve been covering buildings successfully for several tens of years in different countries with different climatic conditions. Fiber Cement boards can be used as for new buildings and for the reconstruction progress of the old ones. Raw materials, production process and the products are all environmentally friendly. The plant does not produce harmful substances or emissions. Using fiber cement boards has a competitive advantage over different ways of plaster finishing and other similar facade solutions. Front panels can be easily mounted at any time of the year and in any weather conditions.

Fiber cement panels are asbestos free, that makes the material safe for people and the environment. Being harmless to both the environment and health, fiber cement surface-treated facade panels are ideal for use on the facades of new buildings and renovations, as well as, for example, for cladding balconies and plinths. Weather conditions and seasons place no limitations on ventilated dry construction.

Marble Finishing UV-Coating Decorative Fiber Cement Board


Fiber cement ventilated façade is

Facade panels – high-density (1650 kg/m3) fiber cement board, used for ventilated facades. The boards are coated with fluorocarbon paint of any color in the catalog RAL, NCS, Monicolour etc.

Waterproof panels – average density (1500 kg/m3) fiber cement board used for interior rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens, swimming pools, bathrooms, showers, industrial shops, car washes, etc.

Fire-resistant panels – low density (1200 kg/m3) fiber cement board, used for interior decoration of buildings and structures with high requirements for fire safety.

Windproof panels – average density (1500 kg/m3) fiber cement bord, used for decoration of high-rise buildings, balconies in mountain/coastal areas, etc., where strong wind is possible to be. The boards are impervious.

Size and thickness:






– The highest quality of products; up-to-date technology; care of high reputation value.

– Attractive price & variety of products: we produce eight different structure&coating boards.

– Improved strength characteristics; resistance to UV and aggressive environmental substances; coating hardness.

– Quick mounting installation properties:  light weight, large area.

– Incombustibility; hardiness and resistance to climate exposures; environmentally safe products.


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