Fiber Cement Siding Board from China Mill

Product Description

Fiber Cement siding 

The main raw materials of  fiber cement siding is made from cement and vegetable fiber, through vacuum high pressure extrusion, steam maintenance and so on, that enjoys light weight and high strength, fireproof, anti-earthquake, convenient installation and so many characteristics.

Size: 3000mm*615mm Thickness: 14mm, 15mm

3000mm*200mm  Thickness: 8mm,10mm and 12mm

Performances and Characteristics of  Exterior fiber cement siding 

1- Fire Resistance, Insect Resistance, Water Proof;

2- Multiplicity in design and rich in color

3- Better anti-earthquake

4- Sound insulation, heat preservation

5- Ultra-Violet protection

6- No Fading Color

7- Easy Installation Suitable

8- 50 Years Warranty

9- 100% Non asbestos. Environment Friendly

Application of fiber cement sidings 

1. Complex exterior wall system

2. Industrial factory exterior wall system

3. Outer heat preservation of exterior wall and construction energy saving system

4. Exterior wall decoration and the existing exterior wall rebuild

5. Underground wall decoration system

6. Road bridge sound barrier system.

HBD External Wall Siding Panel patterns

1. Face Brick Pattern

2. Culture Stone pattern

3. Sand Rock Pattern

4. Broken Brick Pattern

5. Ceramic Brick pattern

6. Broken Stone Pattern

7. Arabic Pattern

8. Strip Pattern

9. Odd Brick Pattern

10. Wood grain Pattern


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