Fiber Cement Sandwich Board System VS Traditional Brick Wall System

Fiber Cement Sandwich Panel

Ingredients: The surface panel of fiber cement sandwich panel is Medium Density Fiber Reinforced Calcium Silicate Board or Fiber Reinforced Cement Board without asbestos, which is made of some light concrete mixing with polystyrene granule, light weight Portland cement,fiber and natural vermiculite

Environment Protection Products

-Waterproof and Moisture-Proof: It can be applied for the humid area and external wall directly as it has good characteristic of non-deforming, moisture resistance, non-cracking and non-layering.

Sound Insulation: 50dB

Fire Rated Performance: 240min

Hanging Heavy Things performance: Single hanging site of the expansion bolt is no less than 45kg, so it can fixing heavy things, such as the basin, sanitary fittings and air conditioner, etc

Characteristics: 1. Environmental Protection Fireproof, good at Sound Insulation, Thermal Insulation, Keeping Warm, Enlarging the using area

2.Reasonable price with good quality, As it has Characteristic of suitable density and light weight, it can decrease the related building cost.

  1. it can widely applicable to the humid area directly because it has good characteristic of moisture-proof and can be with water logging, etc.
  2. Its surface is smooth and there is no need scape before the final decoration. It can load down the related building cost as it shows good performance of cutting and slotting.
  3. It can be decorated on the surface by any means, including the ceramic and marble, etc.
  4. it can be easy to be nailed and hanged(The single hanging force is more than 45kg),so it is convenient installation and shorting the working period.

Traditional Brick Wall System

-Ingredients: It is made up from the low quality cement, dinas and coal cinder

-Non-Environmental Friendly

-Waterproof and Moisture-proof: It must be do enough waterproof treatment when it is applied to the humid area as it is in not very good condition of waterproof and water impermeability

-Sound Insulation:≤38dB

-Fire Rated Performance: 180 mins

-Hanging heavy things performance: compared with the fiber cement sandwich board, its single hanging force is worse than fiber cement sandwich panel

-Characteristics: 1. It is a kind of tradition installation method, which is stick by cement and mortar

  1. It can be not arranged and installed freely as it is limited by the beam and pillar
  2. Its installation will be in long time and the site will be very dirty with some rubbish
  3. It will be over load as the construction will support over itself

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