Fiber cement roofing,Corrugated fiber cement roof tile

Fiber cement roofing uses panels made from fiber cement, which is where the basic cement formula is reinforced with fiber such as cardboard and similar items. These panels can then be turned into either roofing slates, or sheets which are shaped to resemble corrugated iron. While fiber cement roofing is relatively cheap, there are a number of pros and cons with this material which you should consider carefully before using.

Advantages to Fiber Cement Roofing

The main advantage to fiber cement roofing is its cheapness and easy availability. You can find a number of cement roofing tiles and slates which can be easily fitted together. It also performs well in weather conditions, as the material itself is water-tight and strong. It is able to go up very quickly, making it an advantage during wet weather. It is much safer than in previous years, where the fiber cement was made of asbestos.

Disadvantages to Fiber Cement Roofing

The main cause for concern with fiber cement roofing is its lack of durability. Although the cement is relatively strong, it can be easily broken in the right circumstances. They can also suffer the effects of long-term exposure to the wind, which will include weathering, and penetration of water through the roof.

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