Fiber Cement Roofing Sheet Installation Tools

The correct practices of installation, requires the use of proper tools to ensure a neat and aesthetic roof. It is highly advisable that the construction companies and their roofers are provided with the proper equipment, which must be composed, at least, of the following tools.


  • Electric drilling Machine – For drilling holes in fibre cement products.
  • Hand drill – For drilling all fibre cement products using standard metal drills.
  • Hand rasp – For edge finishing like smoothening of rough edges. It is advisable to always wet the sheets before using the hand rasp.
  • Hack saw – For cutting fibre cement products.
  • Carpenter’s saw – For cutting wood and fibre cement products of varying thickness.
  • scriber – For mitring corrugated sheets. Also for making longitudinal cuts in corrugated sheets and flat sheets up to 6mm thickness.
  • Hammer – Used for nailing purpose and also for removing nails where necessary.
  • String – For ensuring straightness and alignment of roofing sheets.
  • Measuring tape – For taking measurement of dimensions.

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