Fiber cement roofing sheet accessories

1. Barge Board

They provide a functional finish by protecting the underlying timber structure from the elements, as well as adding visual impact to the building.

Barge boards are ideal to cover up or replace weathered or rotten timber fascias and boards on old buildings.

In high wind areas barge boards form an important component of the roof structure, as they protect slates or tiles from being dislodged by the wind at the gable ends.


Barge boards are:

  • Cost effective
  • Light in weight and easy to cut and install (tungsten tip blades are needed to cut)
  • Not affected by moisture and resistant to rot and corrosion
  • Easy to paint and will accept any water-based paint without pre-treatment.

2. Ridge Board

A horizontal board immediately under the ridge of the roof to which the tops of the rafters are fixed. A standard ridge timber that runs from end to end of a gable roof, and between the hip ends of a hip roof.


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