Fiber cement roof tile manufacturers

Product specifications:

Length: 900 to 3600

Width:920 or 1100

Thickness: 5,  5.5,  6,  6.5


  •  roofing tile is available in the standard colors of flamed red, blackish blue and green; however, it is also available to order in other colors, and the other side of the tile is white.
  • The construction area of the tile is 80%-85% of the whole tile area.

The product conforms to the standards for building materials, including Certifiable Technical Requirement for Industrial Type Material developed by National Research Center of Testing Techniques For Building Materials and, National Test Center of Polymer and Chemical Building Materials.

Transverse bending strength: 4900N/m

Water absorption: 22.8%

Water leak-proof property: no water leakage appears on the other side of the surface of the tile Frost resistance: no flakes on the surface of the tile after 25 times thaw-freeze test


In developing the Sanle products, a great number of aspects have had a vital effect on its design and appearance.

The new product would have to:

(1)Have a characteristic profile and size

(2)Include a full color range

(3)Be quick and simple to lay

(4)Be resistant to the rough climate

(5)Sell at a competitive price


(7)Light weight with high strength performance


(9)Acid-resistant with stable chemical characters

(10)Heat isolation


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