Non Asbestos Fiber cement roof tiles







Brief Introduction

The basic formula of this roofing tile is cement reinforced with many specially selected and well-dispersed organic fibers. Not only can be widely used in general roofing, but also for specific purposes, e.g. roofing of an industrial unit that needs anti-corrosive building material. Our tiles can fully provide these solutions and still give the appearance of a natural product. We have adopted advanced manufacturing techniques and world-famous German BAIER paint, which endows our product with unique features.


In developing the  products, a great number of aspects have had a vital effect on its design and appearance.

The new product would have to:

(1)Have a characteristic profile and size

(2)Include a full color range

(3)Be quick and simple to lay

(4)Be resistant to the rough climate

(5)Sell at a competitive price


(7)Light weight with high strength performance


(9)Acid-resistant with stable chemical characters

(10)Heat isolation


Corrugate roofing offers numerous benefits.

It is: Durable and economical due to it being reinforced with a high impact polymer weave

Very quick to install lowering labour costs

Moisture resistant and non-combustible making it ideal for extreme environments

Has outstanding impact resistance due to its polymer weave reinforcing Improved thermal and acoustic insulation

Highly cost effective making it ideal for low cost housing and industrial buildings

Applicable for all building styles as it is available in three pre-painted colour choices and a variety of sheet sizes


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