Fiber Cement Decorative Board, 8mm. groove Brick grain pattern, modern house wall panel design

Manufactured from Autoclave technology with asbestos-free formula, to answer to the demand for modern design and decoration. Facilitate the application and adaptation in different sections of a building both outdoor and indoor, features long service life, good tolerance to sunlight, rain; dense compact texture, safe from termites and weevils.

– Suitable for ceiling both inside and outside the house and reduce heat under the roof
– Outstanding design for ceiling
– Long service life – Good tolerance to sunlight and rain
– Dense compact texture
– Non-brittle
– Safe from termites and weevils
– Resistant to fracture from expanding/shrinking
– Excellent resistant to all types of weather and sound insulation.
– Durable and flexible
– Can be installed in both outdoor and indoor
– Easy to install, Convenient and fast, best for both wooden and steel framework, 

– suited for ceiling and siding  assembly
– Ideal thermal insulation and fire stop

Product Name
Decorative Fiber Cement board
600 x 1200 mm;1200x2400mm, 1200x1200mm
8 mm
8.5 Kg;34.5Kg;17.3Kg
Diamond Self-drilling Screw with wing teak
Brick grain pattern, groove/ Natural Color

Brick Style Fiber Cement Board


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