Fiber cement corrugated roofing sheet

Fiber cement corrugated sheets are made from the finest quality cement and fibre through a specially developed fibre orientation process. They undergo rigorous quality control – standards – giving you a product of lasting value. They are low maintenance, easy to fix, fire resistant and economical.

Fibre cement corrugated roofing sheets, are being used extensively throughout the country for factories, power plants, stadiums, schools, urban and rural houses etc….



Always use a cat ladder or roof board while working on the roof

Do not use hammer and nail to punch holes in the sheet, as it may crack the sheet

Use only hand drills

After laying each sheet, screw the nuts lightly at first, to hold the sheet in place. When more than dozen sheets have been laid, tighten all the nuts

Do not screw the bolts too tightly on the purlins

Always use good quality bitumen washer

Use of power driven tools for cutting and drilling is likely to induce hair crack in sheets.




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