Fiber cement composite wall panel

EPS CEMENT SANDWICH PANELFiber Cement Compositewall panel are manufactured with cement board and other insulation materials which is made for the light weight wall panel.


Fiber cement board as for the basis panel , in the middle the panel filled with the foamed polystyrene (EPS) or Foam expanded perlite for the fiber cement composite board.


Fiber cement board/Calciumsilicate board used for the EPS panel usually the thickness is 4mm and 5mm, the density usually is 1.0-1.3g/cm3,the bending strength is not less than 16MPa,the moisture percent not more than 0.06% and belongs to the Grade A fire resistance, Through inspection, there is no water dipped after 24h. The fiber cement composite wall panel size depends on the wall, usually the length is between 2500mm and 3000mm, width is 1200mm, according to the different application, the thickness is different, partition is 6mm and 8mm, wall for 10mm and 12mm.


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