Fiber cement boards( 100% asbestos free)

Fireproof  Fiber cement board is 100% Asbestos Free, green environment protection,water resistant,fireproofing,noiseproofing,stability.


1) 100% asbestos free
2) Non-combustible:GB8624, CLASS A
3) Moisture resistant
4) Excellent impact resistance

fiber cement board is a composite material made of sand, cement and cellulose fibers.

fiber cement board is manufactured in a sheet form and is used not only as cladding but also commonly used as an eave lining and as a tile underlay on decks and in bathrooms.

Also the most use is wall partition


fiber cement board description:

Raw Materials: Cement, Quartz Sand, Fiber
Basic Color: Gray, invory , off-white, pure white
Moisture Content: ≤10%
Water Absorbing Capacity: ≤40%
Thermal Conductivity: Average≤0.20W/MK
Bending Strength: Transverse≥11.0N/mm3 Vertical≥8.5N/mm3


Max Length:3000mm



fiber cement board Main Characteristics:

1)Fire resistant

2)Weather resistant

3)Water and Damp Proof

4)Environmentally Friendly


fiber cement board Packing:   

Wooden pallets



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