Fiber Cement board indoor for wet and humid areas

4.5mm,6mm cement board

Fiber Cement Board Indoor isn’t just the definitive cement board for wet and humid areas. It’s defining a new era in building.

Fiber Cement Board Indoor has always met high expectations,Manufactured from inorganic materials and highly resistant to water, the board delivers exceptional stability in the most challenging wet conditions – even when exposed to chlorine


Physical properties:

Length: 2440mm,2400mm, 2500mm, 3000mm

Width: 900mm, 1200mm,1220mm


Density: 1000-1100kg/cm3

Building material class according to EN 13501: A1 non-combustible


-Tile backing board for wet and humid areas

-100% water-resistant

-Ecological and environmentally friendly

-Resistant to mould and mildew

-Strong, robust, impact-resistant

-Simple and easy to install

Application Fields:

-Swimming pools

-Wellness areas

-Communal showers

-Public showers

-Steam saunas

-Hot tubs

-Industrial kitchens

-Changing rooms areas

-Rooms with high cleaning and hygienic requirements like operating theatres, washrooms or laundry rooms



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