Fiber Cement Board Floor Tile Underlay on wooden subfloors

Fiber Cement Board Floor Tile Underlay is a light, highly stable, cementitious dry floor panel which provides the ideal thin substrate for all kinds of tiles on wooden subfloors. It is particularly suitable for applications with a very low floor height because its 6 mm thickness ensures an even transition between tiled floor and carpeting and makes removal of thresholds unnecessary

Fiber Cement Board Floor Tile Underlay can be used as a tile backer on wooden subfloors upon which ceramic tiles or natural stone will be laid. It is easy to work with and ideal for quick and simple floor refurbishing where a very thin floor construction is required.

Fiber Cement Board Physical Properties

Length: 2400mm



Dry density: approx 1250kg/m3

Building material class according to EN 13501 A1


-Best solution for very low floor heights with only 6 mm board thickness

– Suitable for all kinds of tiles including ceramic, mosaic and natural stone

– Extremely light material, easy to handle

-Quick and simple floor construction – easy to score and snap, no pre-drilling required

-Solid Portland cement substrate

– 100% water-resistant

– Resistant to mould and mildew


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