Fiber Cement Board 6mm,9mm,12mm


Nowadays, fiber cement board has been gaining popularity in the housing and commercial sector as it poses several advantages like the fact that it is maintenance-free and unlike wood, it is termite resistant as well.

HBD® is a decorative cement board used in both interior & exterior applications such as exterior ventilated rain-screen systems, exterior & interior cladding, ceilings, trim, countertops and many specialty applications.

Asbestos free; fire resistant; weather resistant; termite, insect, & rat proof; tough, versatile, and flexible fiber cement board. Size: 4ft x 8ft. Thickness: 4.5mm, 6.0mm, 9.0mm, 12.0mm

HBD®can provide panels of good strength properties. It is considered cheap, durable and requires low maintenance cost. The production technology is simple and the manufacturing process requires equipment that do not need highly skilled labor. It can be fabricated into modular structures to accelerate building construction. It is a good insulating material and has fire retardant characteristics. It is water resistant. It is also nailable, plasterable, sawable and resistant against attack of wood-boring insects and decay fungi.


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