Fiber Cement BackerBoard

Fiber Cement Board without pollutionGeneral Description: FiberCement BackerBoard are designed to be installed under

ceramic tile, natural stone, brick veneer and other surfacing materials. These products feature a dense, non-porous surface, making them especially effective in kitchen and bathroom applications where resistance to moisture is essential. Depending on the thickness required, they are suitable for interior floors, walls and countertops.

Fiber Cement BackerBoard (1⁄2″) in a single size.

Fiber Cement BackerBoard— 36″ x 60″ (914mm x 1524mm); 1⁄2″ nominal thickness

Composition: The products are manufactured using a multi-step high-pressure process that combines Portland cement,recycled content, wood fiber and specialty additives. This product does not contain asbestos, formaldehydes or harmful chemicals.


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