Eco-friendly UV wood grain& marble stone TV background wall tile for house & hotel

Colored Fiber Cement Board-1_副本 Fiber cement composite panels are manufactured with low energy and high environment consciousness. 100% free of asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and other poisonous substances and without radiation. It’s fire and water proof, light and hard, Thus the products are 100% environmentally friendly. The proprietary processes pioneered by HBD with special surface treatment offers an increased scratch resistance and a higher UV resistance, sealed edges and back coating ensure optimal behavior and durability of the panels.


Color   Wooden grain, marble stones Category UVS decorative  board
   Thickness               6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm

( Can be customized)

Density    1.4-1.7g/cm³
   Standard Size                     1220MM*2440MM

(Other size can be customized)

Fireproofing              A
    Washability Without leakage after wiping for 10000times Adhesive force,level 0
  Freezing resistance Without crack and delamination after 25 freeze-thawcycles Thermal Conductivity      ≤0.35w  (m.k)


  1. Anti-Aging and Weathering Resistant

It’s guaranteed that the ultraviolet light resistant durable paint coat will not deform, not fading within 10 years.

  1. Heat Insulation

The performance of the heat insulation is 7 times better than ordinary mortar wall

  1. Sound absorption and insulation

Noise is greatly reduced after using our panel.

  1. Anti- Graffiti

Most graffiti can be removed more than 1000 times by using acetone.



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