Eco-friendly exterior cement fiber board panels china manufacturer

Green building is becoming of increasing importance to homeowners and builders alike. Eco friendly building materials can help preserve natural resources, eliminate harmful VOCs from the air, and improve the energy efficiency of your home. This sustainability is becoming the focus of many designs, with homeowners and builders seeking out materials that can help improve the green profile of the finished home. And when it comes to your home’s exteriors, fiber cement is one of the most ecofriendly materials you can find for the job.

Two kinds of fiber cement products can be used for exterior
-fiber cement wood texture siding board
-fiber cement flat finish uv coated color board

Fiber cement is a much more durable product that requires less maintenance and fewer – if any replacements. The material doesn’t warp, crack, or rot so you don’t need to worry about removal, disposal and replacement every few years to keep your home looking good. It also doesn’t fade, chip, or peel so you don’t need to frequently reapply paint, and worry about the levels of VOCs that are associated with this. Therefore, long term, fiber cement also makes a greener option for many homes as well.


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