Digital high gloss cement board 2400x1200x6mm

For Good Quality of Life and Natural Environment, High gloss Fiber Board protects Fire and insulates Heat, resists acid and water with very good quality against termite attack giving you a durable scratch free beautiful surface. And it is very easy to clean.

This is the latest innovation which can combine the strong durability of Fiber Cement products together with the high quality digital printing system, resulting in a virtual pattern. Both marble and natural wood. To create a new dimension to the home decor. Make your home look beautiful and worthy of decorating with natural materials.

Digital high gloss cement board for wall

Fiber Cement Board After printing finished. Followed by coating Enhance luster with special coating. Smooth surface More colorful. Fiber Cement Board With special coatings. Strengthens The surface of the natural materials in the form of skin, burr or sand.

Digital high gloss cement board for wall panels are available in five sizes






Other size and thickness can be customized.


-Stone Pattern

Stone pattern

-Wooden Pattern

Timber Finishing Color Card



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