Difference of Mgo Board, Fiber Cement board and Gypsum Board

The name of MagnesiumOxide board is called Mgo board also which application for the internal decorative materials as for Ceiling, Wall Panel. Please refer to the comparison as below;

Mgo board

  1. The thickness above 3mm can meet the fire resistance standard.
  2. Moisture resistance is very good, thermal expansion is very small ,no distortion, no sweat, no wet.
  3. It can be stick, paint, plan,cut,dig etc…, the installation is very easy.
  4. The Mgo board has the flexible and can curved any type.
  5. Light-Weight and the breakage is very low, Though it swallow into the water which is not break.

Fiber Cement Board

  1. 4mm above can meet the fire resistance standard.
  2. Thermal expansion is about 0.15%, water absorption is little higher.
  3. It can not be curved.

Gypsum Board

  1. Above 12mm can meet the fire resistance standard,
  2. Water absorption is very heavy, more easy flexible.
  1. Heavy weight,breakage is very high.

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