The difference between Fiber Cement Board and Calcium Silicate Board

Fiber Cement Board and Calcium Silicate Board are the normally decorative building materials, the ingredients in some parts are same. Now we will list the common and different points, please see the contents as below:

Common Points

  1. The ingredients are almost same which include the Silicon sand, Calcium and Fiber
  2. Both are through the pulping, papermaking and molding
  3. The surface and size are same
  4. Application almost same such as Internal and External Wall , Ceiling.

Difference Point

 Fiber cement board is made by cement,fiber etc..which through the pulping,papermaking, Finally the machine compressed the molding. Calcium Silicate Board is made by the calcium and fiber which through the papermaking. Finally it is made for the calcium silicate board under the high temperature steaming-compressed.

  1. Raw materials: Calcium Silicate Board used the small cement, Sand and fly ash instead of cement, for fiber cement board, the main raw materials is Portland cement.
  2. Fiber Cement Board must have the compressed machine,calcium silicate board usually don’t have the compressed machine
  3.  The fiber cement board color usually is cement color and calcium silicate board usally is white color or grey black color.

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