Diatomite Waterproof Anti-Slip Diatom Bath Mat

Diatom BathMat Anti Skip



Diatom bath mat introduction:

Natural diatomite earth bathroom mat is full of tiny pores and passages good absorptive ability,
Deodorization, prevents fungus and mites, anti-friction, mildew proof, heat resistance.

Diatomaceous earth can make a variety of products,it is using a new technology with excellent function of absorbant and deodorant.


Item Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Weight(kg) Water absorption
Diatomite bathmat 600 390 9 2.4 90%-95%
Diatomite bathmat 350 450 9 1.5 90%-95%

The advantages compared with traditional mat:
-Surprising absorbency and quick dry
-Deodorization, and no slip
– Heat resistance and dehumidication
– Release negative oxygen ions


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