Diatomite Magic Mat


Diatomite Mat Product Introduction:

-The latest innovation for safety in the bathroom! This bath mat prevents slips and falls by instantly wicking water away from your feet faster and more completely than any fabric bath mat.
· Wet feet are slippery and ordinary bath mats can’t properly dry your feet when you step on them out of the shower or bath and then step onto the floor. Feeling cool just like stepping on the smooth wood floor.
· Already widely popular in Japan and China, this innovative safety product is only now becoming available in the US.
· Totally unlike other bath mats, this mat is actually a rigid board of bonded diatomaceous earth. Naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, it stays clean and odor-free indefinitely.

Feature: Eco-Friendly
Material: Diatomite

Size: 35x45CM
Color: Gray, Blue (Image color may vary than the real item depends on monitor)

Main Features:
Strong water absorption
Antibacterial and mildew proof
Easy to clean
Quick drying properties


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