Diatomaceous Earth Absorbent Fast Drying Mat

Diatomite is a kind of natural siliceous with neutral PH value, safe, light and soft texture as well as strong adsorption. Compact and hard bath mat is made for your daily convenience.
Does not require frequent washing or replacement, convenient and durable. When there are stains, wash with running water or wipe with a wet cloth/sponge, then air dry, our Diatomaceous Bath Mat will quickly refresh itself with excellent performance, don not need the complicated trouble washing, can greatly save the housework every day.
Matters Needing Attention: If unlike to stand up with barefoot, recommended to spread a towel on the bath mat, the water of towel can be also absorbed, please feel at ease to use.
Wash with running water or wipe with a wet cloth/sponge when there are stains on the bath mat.
Clean with a brush or a piece of fine sandpaper when the bath mat is in a poor condition.

diatomaceous earth floor mat

Dimension: 60 x 39x 1cm/ 23.6 x 15.2 x 0.4inches (L*W*H)

● This Anti Slip Bathroom Floor Mats is made of Natural Diatomaceous earth (diatomite) and has Anti-bacterial properties
● Anti-Slip with Super Absorbance – No slipperiness when you stand on it with wet feet and the mat will absorb it in very fast.
● Antibacterial – With the super absorbance and fast dry time of this mat, it leaves all the mold and bacteria behind.
● If mat gets dirty please use damp cloth and lightly rub area. For tougher stains, gently rub area with the sandpaper then wipe away any powder with damp cloth


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