Comparison of Mgo roofing sheet with other roofing sheet

MgO high strength aluminium foil anti-corrosive heat insulated roof sheet can be applied as the waterproof heat insulated roofing material used in factory buildings, office buildings, warehouses, sports venues, shopping centres, etc. It is excellent acid and alkali-resistant and high temperature resistant. These high performance characteristics makes MgO roofing suitable for being used in factories with strong acid and alkali conditions. Heat insulation performance reduces the internal building temperature by at least 10 degrees compared to a steel sheet building.

Item PVC Sheet Cement Sheet Asbestos Sheet Colour Steel Sheet MgO Roofing Sheet
Fire proofing No Some Degree Fire proof Noise Insulation No Very Strong fire proof performance
Strength Easy Bending Easy Broken Weak Easy Bending High Strength
Heat Insulation Poor Heat Insulation Heat Insulation Not Insulated Not Insulated Excellent Heat Insulation
Heat Conductivity 3.0W/m.K 2.37W/m.K / 46.53/m.k 0.169 W/m.k
Noise Insulation No Noise Insulation No No Noise Insulation
Anti-Corrosion Anti-corrosion but easy aging No Rust Perishable No Anti-Corrosion Never Rust, No aging
Pattern Keeping Easy Deformed Easy Broken Easy Deformed Easy Deformed Never Deformed
Life 3 to 5 Years 8 Years Roughly 3 Years 5 to 8 years More than 20 years

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