Colored fibre cement boards

colored fibre cement boards_

Colored fiber cement boards are intended to be used in ventilated cladding of multistoried buildings, both newly built and reconstructed, as well as for interior cladding of buildings and constructions. The proposed material allows all-the-year-round dry installation, economical and reliable restoration of any façade, and reduces building heat losses.

 Fiber Cement Façade Panels can be manufactured both smooth, and having wood grain texture. The finish coating of the panel can be made with gloss or flat protective varnish. The water-based paint and varnish compositions, safe for health and the environment, are used in the process of painting of the fiber cement boards.

 Fiber cement boards for facades are produced as painted on a production line basis. The boards, which are cut out by the right sizes, are ground from the face side and soaked with hydrophobic composition. It helps the façade panel to resist better to moisture, without allowing it to get inside material. Such impregnation considerably increases strength and frost resistance of the board. Also, end faces of the fiber cement sheets are ground and processed.

The primer composition is applied on a surface of boards. The following stage is simultaneous painting of front and back surfaces of the board. Front surface is painted in three layers, back surfaces of the board. Front surface is painted in three layers, back surface is painted in two layers. Special protective varnish is applied on the painted board to increase straight of paint-and-lacquer coating. Its resistance to UV-radiation, to increase service life of the painted surface and resistance to impact of chemicals.




Width: 600mm, 1200mm,1220mm



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