Through Color Fiber Cement Curtain Wall Board

Through Color Fiber Cement Curtain Wall Board is  a fiber reinforced cement board composited of Portland cement, sand, cellulose, natural pigment, waterproof, natural mineral substance, etc.

Different color you can choose:

-Dark grey, light grey, Black, White, Yellow, Red

-High density fiber cement board: Thickness 5mm to 20mm.

through-color fiber cement curtain wall_副本

1.Excellent waterproof treatment ( would not get stained by rain )
3.High anti-impact strength
5.Weather resistance
6.High Bending Strength
7.Long lifespan
8.100% Non-Asbestos
9.Up to Grade A1 In-combustibility

through color fiber cement curtain wall board

External Siding, Cladding or Facade, decoration and  renovation
Such as commercial buildings, residential building, industrial building.
Indoor decoration of the wall, basement, subway or damp areas and so on




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