Through-Color Calcium Silicate Board for Exterior Use


(1)  Component:
Calcium Silicate Board, made from siliceous( the main ingredient is SiO2, such as sand, fly ash, diatomite) and Calcareous material( the main ingredient is CaO, such as lime, calcium carbide sludge, cement).

It does not contain any asbestos, brucite, meerschaum, glass fiber, formaldehyde and other framful materials.

(2)  Detail:

Different colors you can choose

(3)  Advantage & Accessories:

1.Low moisture absorbtion rate,

2.Low water absorption,

3.Thermal insulation,

4.High density and High strength,

5.Long lifespan,

6.Fungus resistant

7. 100% non-asbestos and other harmful composition

While you should consider the thermal insulation of the Cladding, we can put the thermal insulation material into the gap of the backside for Cladding Siding.
For example, Rock Wool in the density >80kg/m3. The distance between the back of the panel and thermal insulation material should be larger than 30mm.

(4). Application
External Siding, Cladding or Facade, Decoration and  Renovation
Such as:
1.Curtain wall,  facade/ cladding of building;

2.Facade/ cladding  renovation of old building,

3.Siding renovation of old building,



6.Base house and other wet surroundings

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