China Magneisum Oxide Container Flooring

Magnesium oxide flooring is manufactured by using special craft through totally automatic product line.
It is high strength magnesium oxide board. It also can be compounded with HPL Laminated fireproof board, it has more high strength and fireproofing property.

Magnesium Oxide Flooring Specification

*Thickness: 15mm-25mm
*Standard size: 1200*2400mm; 1200*2700mm,1200*3000mm
*The Max length is 3660mm and the max width is 1220mm
*other sizes can be cut as per requirements.
*Surface threatment: Slurry, Non-slurry and Lamninated.
*Backside threatment: Texture and sanded
*Edge: Square/Tapered/Beveled


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