China lightweight hollow core mgo board

China lightweight hollow core mgo board

Magnesium oxide is a natural fireproof material, so the highly purified magnesium oxide is used as the main fireproof material,fly ash and plant fiber as filling materials, the high quality MgC12 as the main cementing material to solidify other materials.


Length: 2200mm-3600mm

Width: 600mm

Thickness: 90mm/100mm/120mm/150mm/200mm

Standard size: 2800*600/2900*600


1. Environmental friendly fire protection

magnesium partition panel used 100% raw materials do not contain harmful to human body substances, non-radioactive, class A products comply with national.standard. Light weight energy saving wall material under the high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius the fire endurance of more than 4 hours, and don’t release poisonous gas, non-combustible performance meet the national a-level standard.

2. Increase the usable floor area 

Magnesium partition panel energy.saving wall materials.can increase the usable floor area.Method of anchorage steel structure, high strength of the wall, can increase the height, the overall seismic performance is higher than ordinary masonry wall many times.the board structure is closely,not deformation, metope is not easy to loose, good vibration resistance.

3. moisture-proof, waterproof, sound insulation

Experiments show that fireproof partition board can make any waterproof decorative surface in the absence of circumstances, with cement bond into a pool filled with water, on the back wall can keep dry, leaving no trace, also won’t appear condensate beads in wet weather. Wall panels are professional waterproof board, has a good waterproof, moistureproof performance, can be used in wet area such as kitchen, toilet, basement.

4. Heat insulation, heat preservation

Fireproof partition board composition of the material by natural materials, high purity magnesium powder,fiberglass and plant fiber after high temperature and high pressure steam curing, and determines that he has good heat insulation function, make you more comfortable indoor environment. Fireproof board.keep a uniform humidity level, ecological regulation effect, keeping pace with the development of modern residential buildings.

5. Can hang nail

Fireproof partition board can be directly nailing or bolts to hang heavy things, such as air conditioning, single point hanging force in more than 45 kg;


Cheap construction materials is mainly for interior and exterior nonbearing wall partition.
1. General industrial buildings, eg., high building, KTV
2. Residential buildings
3. Single house
4. Public construction, eg, Hotels, hospitals, schools
5. The fence of the factory
6. Kitchen, bathroom, and the toilet of indoor wall.
7. Also can paste on tiles and cement mortar.



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    In the meantime, you are kindly requested to provide us with your company profile, e-catalogue, test reports for fire rated and your company certificates to be able to get the Civil Defense Department approval to import your goods.
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