China Back sanded fireproof mgo board interior decorative panel 8mm to 10mm

mgo board interior decorative panel 8mm to 10mm

Sanded Mgo board(usually called magnesium oxide board) is new generation non-combustible inorganic compound board widely used in the construction area.
The board is made from magnesium oxide ,magnesium chloride or magnesium sufate, fiberglass mesh, non-woven fabric, perlite, saw dust and additives.
Mgo board is designed to replace traditional gypsum board and fiber cement board. Mgo board is better in fireproof, waterproof, soundproof, heat insulation, impact strength, bending strength than traditional board.

Product Features:
1) Fire prevention and stop burning
2) Bear water and damp proof
3) Sound insulatiom
4) Keep warm and insulate heat
5) Light weight and high intensity
6) Convenient process
7) Durability and long life service
8) Green environmental protection

Max Length: 3050mm


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