Cellulose Fiber Reinforced Board

Fiber cement board for cellulose fiber reinforced, cement and silica based, autoclaved fibercement flat sheets with smooth which are used as interior or exterior facade cladding material.

Our cellulose fiber reinforced Board can absorb the moisture in spring and summer, then it can release in autumn and winter to make the indoor humidity balance, in order that it can change the indoor humid environment and make user felt better. The partition and ceiling of our products can improve the performance of thermal and moisture-proof, making the loss and expense of air-conditioner and chrysotile gas in the building decreased.The smooth surface of board can improve the decorative effect of buildings. It can be used in both new and old buildings. 

Hocre® board is a new type material which is fireproof, thermal insulation, mothproof and preventing mildew new type material.


Incombustible.Non melting. Water proof.
Resistant against water and moisture.
Resistant agains different climate conditions.
Durable against strokes and beats.
Contains no asbestos or other harmfulmaterials.
Resistant against most chemicals.
Good heat and sound insulation.

Applications of Cellulose Fiber Reinforced Board
1.Excellent for interior & exterior walls, partitions, curtain walls, fire-stops & more 2.Great substrate for exterior finish materials 
3.Abuse resistant



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