Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tile

Calcium Silicate Ceiling TileSpecification:

Thickness:6mm 9mm

For metric grids   600x600mm


For imperial grids  2’x2’



Feature & Characters

Our Series ceiling tiles are a kind of green material friendly to environment.

It is lustration and no dust falling down.

The tapping screw and nail can be used in board directly by screw-gun or nail-gun for adhering

to wall. No matter how powerful impact be used to drive a screw, the board will never crack.


Surface material: Embossed vinyl facing for front side only



Fire-rated and dam-proof, long life, anti-blotch, sound-proof, abundant varieties, anti-sinking&microble, easy in installation and maintenance.


Main Use

Office Building, Shopping center, workshop, school building, hospital, station


Physical Property

Density: 1.2-1.4g/cm3

Moisture content: 10%

Thermal Conductivity:average=0.2W/MK


Calcium Silicate Ceiling Board Installation

Installation of Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tile

  1. Main Runner
  2. Cross Tee
  3. Wall Angle
  4. Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tile
  5. Hanger Wire
  6. Hold Down Clip




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