Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tile

printing calcium silicate ceiling tile-Printing Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tile
embossing 1605 calcium silicate ceiling tile_副本– PVC laminated Calcium Silicate Ceiling Tile
Characteristic of Calcium Silicate Ceiling :
An incombustible building material possessing statutory fire-resistance: Produced chiefly from organic fibers; subjected to high-temperature, high-pressure treatment. This is a completely incombustible, non-polluting safe environmentally-friendly building material.
Outstanding thermal and sound insulating ability: This material is highly waterproof, an excellent thermal and sound insulator. It can conserve energy, is environmentally-friendly, and increases economic efficiency.
Special patterns, 3D molding: Integrated molding remains eternally clear to the eye.
Sturdy texture, light weight: This material is stable, compression resistant, vibration resistant, non-deforming, non-sagging, will not produce dust, will not produce static, can be used in all kinds of living environments.
Easy to cut, simple to install: Can be easily cut and shaped using ordinary cutting tools. Easy to install, raise construction efficiency; saves costs. Can be cut using a utility knife.
Dimension: 603x603mm or 595x595mm
Thickness:4mm to 9mm


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