Calcium Silicate Boards


Calcium silicate board 


2440*1220*4—20mm;  2400*1200*4—20mm;  3000*1220*5—20mm

-Other optional specifications available upon request

-Optional surface sanding and finishing treatment

1) 100% non-asbestos
2) Density: 1,000 – 1,500kg/cbm
3) Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.24W/MK (JC/T54)
4) Bending strength: over 13MPa (GB/T7019-1997)
5) Linear expansion rate: 0.1%
6) Water absorption rate: less 0.19% (GB/T7019-1997)
7) Water penetration rate: 0%
8) Water content: 10%
9) Incombustibility according to CNS 6532 and BS 476 standards
10) Two point five-three hours of fire rating for 6mm wall system with W-CSP concrete
11) Radioactivity: GB6566-2000 standards
12) Characteristic: nonflammability A grade (GB-8624-1997)
13) Light weight
14) The wall is solid and firm inside, resistant to impact pressure
15) Painting, tiling and nailing is possible in the new system
16) Noise reduction can be up to 46dB
17) Good efficiency
18) Working environment can keep it dry and clean for better management

Main characteristics:

-Excellent fire-proof performance

-Excellent moisture-proof performance

-Good durability and long service life

-High strength

-Stable dimensions

-Good heat and sound insulation

Recommended applications

-interior and exterior wall                -Furred ceiling

-Sound-adsorbing wall                   -Sound-adsorbing suspended ceiling

-Furniture                             -Heat insulation liner plate


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