What is calcium silicate board?

Calcium Silicate Board as new green environmental building materials which more has superior fire performance and the resistance tide except has traditional gypsum board of function outside and has using life super long of advantages. Application: business engineering building of ceiling smallpox and wall, family decoration, and furniture of lining Board, and advertising brand of lining Board, and ship of across warehouse Board, and warehouse of shed Board, and network floor and tunnel, indoor engineering of wall Board.


-Thermal insulation calcium silicate slabs

Calcium silicate insulation Board called the micropore calcium silicate which is a white, solid new insulation materials, with light density, high strength, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, able to cut, saw and so on


Calcium Silicate Board are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, construction, ships and other equipment in the area of pipe, wall and roof insulation and fire insulation. Thickness is usually above 30mm, the density is 200-1000kg/M3.


– Calcium silicate  board  for decoration

Calcium silicate decoration  Board was invented by United States OCFG company which is a new construction sheet of the performance overall is known throughout the world, in the 1970 of the 20th century in developed countries promote the use and development. Europe, America, Japan, and Australia and Taiwan are the most common using calcium silicate Board countries and regions,


China successfully developed in the early 80’s, mid-80’s entered the development phase, late 90 ‘s toget large-area application. Thickness 4-20mm, 1220*2440mm-oriented aspect. While large calcium silicate Board into the calcium silicate decorative ceilings, its fire sagresistant varieties and other advantages, is widely used in ceiling


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