Calcium silicate board benefits and disadvantages

Advantages of calcium silicate board:

1, good fire performance: calcium silicate board is not combustible A-class material, if a fire occurs, the plate will not burn, it will not produce toxic smoke.

2, excellent waterproof performance: calcium silicate board has excellent waterproof performance, in the bathroom, bathroom and other places of high humidity, can still maintain the performance of stability, will not expand or deformation.

3, high strength: calcium silicate board high strength, solid and reliable wall, easy to damage rupture.

4, heat insulation, good sound insulation: calcium silicate board has a good thermal insulation properties, but also has a good sound insulation. 6, durable, long life: calcium silicate board performance is stable,  not easy to corrosion, it will not be moisture or insects and other damage, can guarantee a long service life.


Calcium silicate board shortcomings:

1, the installation of calcium silicate board, the compartment would like to change, the replacement is not easy.

2, the installation of metal keel need to use, more cumbersome works, the price is more expensive.


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