Fiber cement board,calcium silicate board ceiling system

Fiber cement board Self-supporting ceiling sytem


This system is a form as partition system applicable to ceiling system. Mainly used in narrow and small room or corridor ceiling, so as to embody the following advantage.

-The ceiling is not affected from the changeable of the ceiling height

-No need to use hanging accessories, faster and more convenient installation

-Provide a completely unimpeded space for pipeline installation.

-Ceiling can be unlimitedly closed to the ceiling height and make full use of the space

-Better Fireproof, dustproof and Thermal insulation


Fiber cement board Ceiling System-Card Slotting


-The structure of profile system is made up by Card slotting. There is no necessary to use profile hanger and other accessories.

-The Bayonet of the main profile is equidistant. Connecting the sub profile and main profile faster. This system is easy and fast to be installed, which increases the work efficiency.

– To satisfy the requests of special occasions, you can adjust the intervals of the sub profile freely. It is light-weight, good earthquake resistance, good surface flatness and suitable for large acreage ceiling system

-Non-deforming, fireproof, thermal insulation, No condensational water beads.

-Can be made full use of height of building story, and the minimal space between the ceiling height and the ceiling system is 100mm


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