Australian Standard (AS) EPS, Exterior Sandwhich wall board

fireproof lightweight outdoor wall panels




EPS fiber cement panel description:

Sandwich Panel  is a kind of light weight energy saving wall material taking calcium silicon board (fiber cement board) as face panel, cement, EPS, fly ash as core and forming by one time compound.  It can widely be applied to wall materials of various high and low buildings such as: bank, office building, hospital, school, hotel, shopping mall, amusement hall, old house reconstruction, residence and workshop.


 Calcium silicate board/fiber cement board (face panel) + Cement and EPS(core)


  1. Full automatic production system.
  2. High production output and low input.
  3. Lightweight, thin body, high strength, impact resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation hanger force is strong, waterproof, fireproof, easy cutting .
  4. Environmental protection and other comprehensive advantages

5.Convenient construction, civilization, short construction period.

Specification for reference

♦Face panel:4.5mm or 5mm calcium silicate board/fiber cement board 

♦Core:Cement(concrete) and EPS polystyrene foam

♦Solid heart

♦Width:610mm,or as your request

♦Length:1000mm-3000mm,as required




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