9MM Fire Board Magnesium Oxide Board

9MM Fireboard is a strong and versatile magnesium oxide fire resistant board suitable

for use both internally and externally.

Mgo Anti-Fire Waterresistant Board

A fire retardant MDF / fire resistant MDF type solution

-Plaster board replacement in areas prone to water ingress

-Replacement of multi layer build e.g. ply and plaster board

-Boards can be painted directly/finished with plaster/render

-Fire rated insulation board is required

-Multi application heat resistant board / heat proof board

-Fire proof plaster board

9MM Fire Board Magnesium Oxide Board

-Size: 1220x2440mm or 1200x2400mm; Max Length;3050mm


Applications include:

Partition Walls & Ceilings             Wet Room Backing

Timber & Steel Stud                   Replace Asbestolux Board

Fire Barrier For Roofs                 Structural Integrity

Oil Tank Fire Board                    Acoustic performance

Timber Clad                               Flood damage repair

Boundary Walls                         Conservatory re-roof



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